First Time I went to a Cafe

I was very nervous to go to a cafe by myself for this first time. I know that seems very silly, but I could not remember all the proper protocol and was worried I might embarrass myself. Eventually my desire for a coffee was so great that my ever residing fear of embarrassment was suppressed. It was cold, but the french are lovely and put heaters around their outdoor tables so I kept very warm. I pulled out my small journal while I waited and wrote this little excerpt of my experience. <so it is my first time at a cafe. The waiter spoke English. I wonder if it is because he could tell I was nervous. “un cafe, s’il vous plait” The coffee was good, but I discovered that un Cafe (means espresso). I put the doll size cup to my lips and this warm liquid coats my throat. I try to push through the bitter roast flavor for another sip, but the small cube of sugar resting on my saucer calls to me. The sugar dissolves quickly in the hot espresso, and the┬ánext taste is perfect. >

Also, the french bring you water whenever you have a cafe which is smart.

Then I left the waiter I very large tip ( actually I think I payed about double for my coffee). Oh well, I am sure he will be very happy to see me next time.


Sacre Coeur

1558507_10151920873913097_2069474206_nI finally went to this beautiful church on a hill. After pushing your way through the clouds of people on this rare sunny day in February, you are greeted with a breath taking view of the city ( I will post that picture soon). It was such a beautiful walk that I continued to take side streets through Monmartre until I got myself sufficiently lost.


Why the blog:

I have finally decided to start a blog and sworn that I will post at least once a week! Also my grandmother sent me numerous emails suggesting that I make one so that she can know what is happening in my life. To catch everyone up to date: I am in PARIS!! I arrived almost one month ago and will be here for another four months. I am studying at Sciences Po and taking lots of interesting courses in political sciences (which is something I know hardly anything about) and international relations. So far I have eaten many pain au chocolat, bought lots of cheap wine, had about 15 cups of espresso, made four friends, and survived the first day of French yoga class. Things are going well I’d say.

Updated January 2015: Obviously I did not post once a week. Not surprised.

I have returned to South Carolina where I attend university. This blog will include some posts about my time in Paris, but I hope to move beyond that and post some other musings.