“I hope soon I’ll dream with you”

“I hope soon I’ll dream with you”

Oberhofer is an indie rock group from Brooklyn. I saw them at a small venue in Asheville, NC 4 years ago. There were like 20 people in the audience. They had come to Asheville with no where to stay. At the beginning of their set they asked the audience if anyone had a couch for them to sleep on. This girl immediately said yes.

Too bad I missed out on that opportunity. The life of bands on tour is often mimicked in awful straight to DvD movies or made fun of by those who are jealous that they cannot also be in a band. It really is quite impressive what these young artists go through in order to share their music with us. In this world of piratebay, spotify, and mediafire (well when it used to exist), it is so difficult for bands to earn any income from their music. Most of the money bands make is from playing shows. So when you get the chance to catch your favorite bands live, DO IT. Help them continue to live their dream and make your ears happy.


Forgetting My Feet

I left my feet on a pier four days ago

I lost them to the waves and the

shouts of mothers calling their

children out of the icy water

I left my feet in the white sheets of a traveling musician. We had

Rhythm and Harmony

It lasted 20 minutes

I left my feet on the gas peddle of an

old Honda, pushing as hard as I can

to reach 60.

I left my feet in yesterday. They are

still trying to catch up with the rest of



Fresh Ground Pepper

I was inspired by a blog to look around the room that I am in and choose one object that resonates with me. As I am currently sitting in my family’s kitchen, the beautiful wooden pepper grinder resting on the counter which I just used to grind those aromatic little black bits all over our salad comes to mind. Fresh ground pepper is my favorite spice. I do not know why the hell the stuff that comes in a box pre-ground is even used. It does not taste like pepper, and they put it in those awful plastic shakers that release either one flake or a million a minute. The enchanting aroma of fresh ground pepper and the spice that tingles your tongue when you bite down into a cool tomato your mom just sliced up with mozzarella is magical. I will forever give people pepper grinders as Christmas gifts (I really have given a few people pepper grinders).

Sudden Opportunities

Life brings many unexpected opportunities. We are faced with a decision between what we know and what we do not, but in the latter lies the potential to discover something amazing. Free yourself from the past, present, and future. The future is a realm of endless possibilities rather than a continuation of some variation of the present. To become like the pheonix is one’s ultimate goal in life. From the ashes of our mistakes we are reborn. This disintegrated flesh nourishes the roots of one’s soul as it again pushes deeper into this earth.