“I hope soon I’ll dream with you”

“I hope soon I’ll dream with you”

Oberhofer is an indie rock group from Brooklyn. I saw them at a small venue in Asheville, NC 4 years ago. There were like 20 people in the audience. They had come to Asheville with no where to stay. At the beginning of their set they asked the audience if anyone had a couch for them to sleep on. This girl immediately said yes.

Too bad I missed out on that opportunity. The life of bands on tour is often mimicked in awful straight to DvD movies or made fun of by those who are jealous that they cannot also be in a band. It really is quite impressive what these young artists go through in order to share their music with us. In this world of piratebay, spotify, and mediafire (well when it used to exist), it is so difficult for bands to earn any income from their music. Most of the money bands make is from playing shows. So when you get the chance to catch your favorite bands live, DO IT. Help them continue to live their dream and make your ears happy.


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